Why to Go BOM Analysis?

Many electronics companies use components sparingly, choosing to be conservative in order to avoid product problems caused by updated materials. However, components all have their life cycle and market cycle. If components are on the verge of being eliminated, then the failure of this series of products may be doomed at the beginning of production.

Get solutions to all your BOM-related issues with our BOM analysis service. Up-to-date and accurate BOMs contain information and compliance certifications about the lifecycle stages of each component in the BOM, improving engineering, supply chain and manufacturing efficiencies by ensuring the seamless flow of reliable information.

The BOM analysis is integrated into our turnkey PCB assembly services.


Our Services

1.BOM Cleaning and Streamline

●Validation and standardization of manufacturer names and manufacturer part numbers

Enhance part descriptions with key attributes

2.BOM Risk Analysis:

Lifecycle Validation: Active, Obsolete, End of Life

Proactively monitor lifecycle changes and track PCNs

3.Alternatives Identification

Identify replacement parts for obsolete or discontinued parts

Identify other sources of single-source parts

Cross-reference of parts


RoHS, REACH, Prop 65 validation

Collect supplier compliance documents

Generate compliance summary report for BOM

Alternatives for non-compliant parts

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