What is High-Tg PCB?

The Glass Transition Temperature Level (Tg) is one of the most essential buildings of any type of epoxy and is the temperature level area where the polymer shifts from tough, glazed material to a soft, rubbery material.

Common PCB materials at heats, not only will be softened, deformation, melting as well as various other phenomena, but also the mechanical, as well as electric residential and properties, decrease greatly. PCBs with high TG can greatly improve the heat resistance and processability of boards and products.

Low Tg is 130℃-140℃ centigrade, moderate Tg is above 150℃-160℃ centigrade, High-Tg is above 170℃. Customarily, PCBs made with Tg ≥ 170℃ FR4 material are called high Tg printed circuit boards. With the fast development of the electronic devices market, high Tg PCBs are extensively used in computers, interaction tools, exact apparatus, as well as instruments, and so on.

High-TG PCB Materials

MaterialTG (DSC, °C)Td (Wt, °C)CTE-Z (ppm/°C)Td260 (min)Td288 (min)
S1141 (FR4)175300558/
S1000-2M (FR4)180345456020
S1170G (FR4)180390456060
TU768 (FR4)180350606015
Rogers 4350B28039050//

High-TG PCB Capabilities

MaterialFR4 (140Tg, 170Tg, 180Tg), FR-406, FR-408, 370HR, IT180A, Polyimide, Rogers 4350B/3003/4003C/5880, Taconic, Teflon, etc
Material BrandsKB, ITEQ, SY, ISOLA, Rogers (Arlon), Ventec, Laird, Nelco, Taconic, or other laminate on customer's request
Layer Count1-40
FlammailityUL 94V-0
Quality StandardsIPC Classes 2/3
HDI Build-upAny Layer, up to 3+N+3
Max Length1500mm
Board Thickness


Min Thickness

2-layer: 0.2mm

4-layer: 0.4mm

6-layer: 0.6mm

8-layer: 0.8mm

10-layer: 1mm

More than 10 layers: 0.5*Layer Count*0.2mm

Copper Thickness


Solder MaskWhite, Black, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Matte Green, Matte Black; Carbon Ink
Solder Mask Thickness0.2mil-1.6mil
Solder Mask Dam


Surface FinishesBare Copper, Hasl lead-free, ENIG, ENEPIG, Gold Fingers, OSP, IAg, ISn, etc
Plating Thickness


Copper Thickness: 20-35um Tin: 5-20 um

Immersion Gold:

Nickel: 100u"-200u" Gold: 2u" -4u"

Hard Plated Gold:

PNickel: 100u"-200u" Gold: 4u"-8u"

Golden Finger:

Nickel: 100u"-200u" Gold: 5u"-15u"

Immersion Silver: 6u"-12u"

OSP: Film 8u"-20u"

Min Hole Size0.15mm
Min Trace Width/Spacing2mil/2mil
Minimum Solder Mask Clearance2mil
Min Annular Ring4mil
Min Pad to Pad Clearance2mil
Via Plugging0.2~0.8mm
Line Width/Space Tolerance±10%
Board Thickness Tolerance±5%
Hole Diameter Tolerance±0.05mm
Hole Location Tolerance±2mil
Layer to Layer Registration2mil
S/M Registration1mil
Aspect Ratio10:01:00
Blind Vias Aspect Ratio1:01:00
Outline Tolerance±0.1mm
V- CUT Tolerance±10mi
Bevel Edge± 5mil
Warp and Twist≤0.50% (max cap)
Quality TestAOI, 100% E-test
Value-Added ServicesDFM Check,Expedited Production
Featured ProcessesBonding, Impedance Control, Via in Pad, Press Fit Hole, Countersink/Counterbore Hole, Castellated Vias, Edge Plating, Peelable Solder Mask, Resin Plugged, Plating Flat
Data FormatsGerber, DXF, PCBdoc, ODB++, HPGL, BRD, etc
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