HMLV Prototype PCB Assembly Services

PCBANow is one of the few real one-stop electronics contractors, which means we are able to provide modern PCBA solutions and complete manufacturing services, including high mix low volume prototype PCB assembly.

For many of our customers, the once pains are that the HMLV SMT prototyping services are rare, the quick SMT prototyping companies cannot perform the complex structure very well and are not capable of mass production.

PCBANow solved our customers' problems by building 10 hybrid high-speed assembly lines and a big functional team. Our prototype PCB assembly is a perfect interpretation for modern product design, possesses same consistent high standards as mass production.

Lead Time (with all parts ready)Prototype PCB assembly TypesPCBA Prototyping CapacityBGA Capabilities
Prototype PCB assembly: 3-5 daysSurface mount (SMT)SMT 0.6 million points/hrsPitch 0.25mm
Small batch (50-500pcs): 5-7 daysPlug-in soldering (THT)DIP 0.15 million pieces/dayConformal coating
Mass production (≥500pcs): 7-12 days

MOQPlacement Accuracy (100FP)Component SourcingComponent Size Abilities
1 Set0.0375mmTurnkey & ConsignedPassive components: 01005

High-precision QFP/BGA/LGA
PCBA Board SizePrototype PCBA Board TypesTest MethodsPress-fit connectors
Minimum size: 45mmx45mmPCB rigid board (FR-4, aluminum, CEM-3)Flying probe test
Maximum size: 400mmx1200mmPCB flexible board (FPC)BGA X-ray inspection

Rigid-flex PCBFunction test

Low Cost Prototype PCB Assembly

We validate the products circuit designs (from customers or us) by quick prototyping PCB assembly. For it is a part of our one-stop solutions, we give it high flexibility and cost-effective, nowadays, our customers can get the free T0, T1 SMT samples in a complete solution.

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