What is Heavy Copper PCB?

Heavy copper PCBs or thick copper PCB are defined by structures with copper thickness over 3oz. These PCBs are used for high power as well as optimization of thermal management applications. The thick copper permits huge PCB-cross-sections for high loads and also encourages heat dissipation.

For PCB production, copper weights 1, 2, 3oz are the usual options, which are good for the low power wirings however can not satisfy the high-power requirements, specifically in power as well as auto electronic devices. In recent years, along with the demands, copper thickness enhances swiftly, reaching up to 20oz (called extreme copper).

PCBANow can 1-12oz heavy copper PCBs, we had actually made lots of heavy copper PCBs in the past 15 years, which offered high performance exceeded assumptions, and benefited our clients.

Manufacturing Capabilities

MaterialFR-4 Standard Tg 140°C, FR4-High Tg 170°C
Copper Thickness0.5oz-12oz
Min. Trace/Spacing

For External layers:

4oz Cu 10mil/13mil, 5oz Cu 12mil/15mil

>6oz Cu 15mil/15mil,

For Internal layers:

4oz Cu 8mil/8mil, 5oz Cu 10mil/10mil

>6oz Cu 12mil/12mil

Min. Hole Size0.15 ~ 0.3mm
Board Thickness0.6-6mm
Surface FinishingBare Copper, Hasl lead-free, ENIG, ENEPIG, Gold Fingers, OSP, IAg, ISn, etc
Solder MaskWhite, Black, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Matte Green, Matte Black

White, Black

Via Process

Tenting Vias, Plugged Vias, Vias not covered


AOI, 100% E-Test

Build time5-15 Days
Lead time2-3 Days


heavy copper pcb (2).png
heavy copper pcb (1).png
heavy copper pcb (4).png
heavy copper pcb (5).png
heavy copper pcb (3).png
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