What is PCB Reverse Engineering?

PCB reverse engineering (or PCB clone) is a multilayered procedure that consists of targeted PCB research study, reverse evaluation as well as PCB layout technology reproduction. The process is also made use of to identify and also obtain the design of a product’s practical as well as architectural features, as well as the processing circulation. Those who can go PCB design will not certainly be able to do PCB reverse engineering, because PCB reverse engineering is a deeply custom PCB design in a way. We are able to go custom PCB reverse design because our engineering team has greater expertise and more design experience.

Through custom PCB reverse design, we can design and produce products with similar functions and abilities, but note though we are able to make an exact replica, we don’t usually do this because the third-party ownership is respected here.

What We Can Do?

Reverse PCB Layout

PCB Gerber Output

PCBA Solution Capture

Chip Decryption

BOM Update

Structure Update

Function Improvement


Turnkey Product Manufacturing


Preserve vital PCBs

Obtain details on PCBs without documentation

Reduce your dependence on professionals

Recognize weak points in a competitor’s products

Generate much less pricey PCBs


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