What is 94v0 Circuit Board?

The UL 94V-0 merely relates to the plastic flammability degree, used to evaluate the ability of materials to extinguish after being ignited, which is very important in electronics usage safety.

Listed below are typical flammability degrees:

HBThe lowest flame retardant rating in the UL94 standard. It is required to burn at a rate of less than 40 mm per minute for samples 3 to 13 mm thick; less than 70 mm per minute for samples less than 3 mm thick; or to extinguish before the 100 mm mark.
V-2The flame was extinguished within 60 seconds after two 10-second burn tests on the sample. Can ignite cotton wool below 30cm.
V-1The flame was extinguished within 60 seconds after the sample was subjected to two 10-second burn tests. The cotton wool below 30cm cannot be ignited.
V-0The flame was extinguished within 10 seconds after two 10-second burn tests on the sample.

The 94v0 circuit board makes it more secure to make use of tools because it undergoes a series of flammability standard screening. It both exists in smaller and larger devices. It makes it feasible for versatility while cost-efficient, specifically for single or double-sided PCBs.

PCBANow Manufacturing Capabilities

PCB TypeFeaturesMaterialsApplication IndustryOur Capability
94v0 Circuit BoardsConforming to 94V-0 fire protection standardFR4,CEM-3Consumer electronic productsSingle, double sided, multilayer PCB and it mixed with other materials


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