What is Rigid-Flex PCB?

The inflexible PCB and FPC are incorporated by pressing according to the demands, comes out a special circuit board with the benefits of stiff PCB and FPC, which is called inflexible rigid flex PCB.

Since the rigid flex boards have both flexible areas and rigid locations, they certainly supply great help to save the inner spacing, lower the quantity, as well as boost the efficiency of the products.

Because of these advantages, rigid flex PCBs are gradually becoming the core electronic parts of premium digital products.

Rigid Flex PCB Advantages

☆Smaller and complex structure

☆Reduce board size and weight

☆Reduce parts count

☆Reduce parts count

☆Easier for SMT compared to FPC

☆Modular interfaces (ZIF)

☆Simplify testing conditions

☆Reduced freight & assembly costs

☆Unleash the creativity of case design

Rigid-Flex PCB Capabilities

MaterialPI, PET, PEN, FR-4, Dupont
Layer CountStandard Flex Circuits: 1-12
Standard Rigid-flex Circuits: 1-18
FlammailityUL 94V-0
Quality StandardsIPC Classes 2/3
Max Board Dimension508×580mm
Finish ThicknessFlex Board: 0.15–0.63mm
Rigid-flex Board: 0.06-4.0mm
Copper Thickness1/3-2oz
Stiffener MaterialPolyimide/FR4/Metal
Cover FilmBlack, Yellow
Solder Mask Dam4mil
Surface FinishesENIG, Gold Fingers, ENEPIG, Electrolytic Wire Bondable Gold, OSP, IAg, ISn, etc
Plating ThicknessImmersion Nickel/Gold:
Nickel: 100u"-200u" Gold: 1u"-5u"
Gold Plating:
Nickel: 100u"-200u" Gold: 1u"-4u"
Immersion Silver: 6u"-12u"
OSP: Film 8u"-20u"
Min Hole Size3mil
Min Trace Width/Spacing2mil/2mil
Minimum Solder Mask Clearance3mil
Min Annular Ring4mil
Board Thickness Tolerance±5%
Hole Diameter Tolerance±2mil
Hole Location Tolerance±4mil
Outline Tolerance±3mil
Aspect Ratio0.25
Quality TestAOI, 100% E-test
Value-Added ServicesDFM Check,  Expedited Production
Data FormatsGerber, DXF, PCBdoc, ODB++, HPGL, BRD, etc


Rigid Flex PCB

_0000_flex pcb 1.png

Rigid Flex PCB

_0002_rigid flex pcb 2.png

Rigid Flex PCB

_0006_rigid flex pcb 4.png

Rigid Flex PCB

_0019_rigid flex pcb 10.png

Rigid Flex PCB

3 Flexible PCB.png
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