PCB Stencils for PCB Assembly

Used in solder pasting, our high precision stainless steel PCB stencils provide absolute quality and practice. PCB stencils are very necessary for Surface Mount Technology (SMT), and PCBANow provides it in our turnkey PCB assembly, our customers can ask to get it shipped with the boards or leave it here for next batches and save shipment cost.

The PCB stencils might be in different dimensions or structures, the popular are as followings:

NO.Item NameSize(CM)Stracture(CM)
1SMT Stencil30 x 402 x 3
2SMT Stencil37 x 472 x 3
3SMT Stencil42 x 522 x 3
4SMT Stencil45 x 553 x 4
5SMT Stencil53.4 x 58.43 x 4
6SMT Stencil73.6 x 73.63 x 4
7SMT Stencil55 x 653 x 4
8SMT Stencil40 x 602.5 x 3.8
9SMT Stencil40 x 802.5 x 3.8
10SMT Stencil40 x 1403 x 4
11SMT Stencil50 x 802.5 x 3.8
12SMT Stencil50 x 702.5 x 3.8
13SMT Stencil50 x 1203 x 4
14SMT Stencil50 x 1404 x 4

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