BGA Assembly & Benefits

BGA assembly is a type of SMT process, which is used for Printed Circuit Boards. It allows the customer to have more room for the PCB layout. Ball Grid Array (BGA) packaging is a method for reducing package size and integrating a greater number of functions on a single chip module.

Higher-density circuits: As through-hole circuits were more densely-populated, soldering them accurately without crossover or short-circuits became nearly impossible.

Heat conduction: BGA circuits allow heat to pass much more easily from the integrated circuit outwards, reducing overheating problems.

Lower inductance: Because each solder ball in a BGA circuit is generally only a handful of millimeters large, problems from interference within the circuit are greatly minimized.

Fewer damage leads:BGA leads are composed of solid solder balls that cannot take damage during the process of operation.

BGA Types

There are 3 BGA package types:

PBGA (plastic ball grid array)

In PGBA normally, resin/glass laminate to employed, solder balls are often classified into the lead and lead-free solders. No other soldering method is required to attach the solder balls with the packaging body.

CBGA (ceramic ball grid array)

CBGA has the longest history among the three sorts of BGAs. The fabric of the substrate is multi-layer ceramic. The metal cover is soldered onto the substrate by packaging solder to guard the chip, leads, and pad.

TBGA (tape ball grid array)

TBGA may be a structure with a cavity. There are two sorts of interconnections between chip and substrate:

1.Inverted solder bonding and

Lead bonding

BGA Assembly Capabilities

Types of BGA PCB:Micro Ball Grid Array (µBGA)

Thin Chip Array Ball Grid Array (CTBGA)

Chip Array Ball Grid Array (CABGA)

Very Thin Chip Array Ball Grid Array (CVBGA)

Very Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array (VFBGA)

Land Grid Array (LGA)

Chip scale Package (CSP)
BGA Assembly size:We provide BGA Assemblies in sizes ranging from 2mm x 3mm/1x1mm to 45mm/50x50mm.
BGA PCB testing:X-ray inspection

Functional Testing

Automated Optical Inspection
BGA rework:Removing & Replacing BGA’s & MBGA’s, Experienced with Ceramic & Plastic BGA’s, Reballing BGA’s & MBGA

Our Advantages

With so many years of experience in BGA assembly with X-Ray inspection machines, and having the right assembly procedure in place, PCBANow can build a high-quality, good yield rate BGA assembly board.

Except for mass production, PCBANow also does BGA prototype assembly for our customer’s T0 and T1 samples. We are able to create a BGA prototype assembly with or without stencil to help save our customer’s prototyping cost.

PCBANow has a quality system for BGA assembly, the BGA will be received and inspected and kept in 40-degree Celsius storage with a 1% humility baking oven to make sure the BGA is in good condition before assembly.

We inspect the BGA with a 3D X-ray and make sure the void is under 25% of the total solder ball diameter. By using the X-Ray inspection process, we can eliminate the soldering problem on the board, such as solder bridging and insufficient ball melting.

We also add an additional layer inspection after the X-Ray inspection is done, using the ERSA scope to inspect the solder ball on the underside of the BGA so that we are sure the profile is correct.

We assure you of excellent quality during the BGA assembly process.


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