Through-hole PCB Assembly

Through-hole assembly is a method for producing electronic circuits in which the components are installed through leads. It refers to the mounting process that inserts the leads to the drilled holes and solders the components on the board by wave soldering or manual soldering.

Our through-hole PCB Assembly services comprise both manual and automated techniques. While our manual techniques can handle complex assemblies, the automated ones are best suited for small-volume production as also reduced material handling. We provide through-hole PCB assembly at the highest quality level and in a cost-effective manner.

Through-hole PCB Assembly Capabilities

PCBANow is fully equipped to go a fast and reliable through-hole PCB assembly for enterprise customers:

Manual and automated placement of components

Double Wave Flow Solder

RoHS soldering using tin-lead solder

Functional testing

Above all, our highly trained and experienced team specializes both in hand soldering as well as automated insertion for both axial and radial components as also automated dual wave solder.

Low-cost through-hole PCB assembly service is a flexible part of our one-stop solutions, which include OEM product development, PCB manufacturing, parts supply, turnkey PCB assembly, IC programming, conformal coating, electromechanical assembly, complete product testing, etc.

Our Advantages

Over 15 years of experience and expertise in delivering cutting-edge products.

Quick turnaround times and stringent delivery schedules.

Complete PCBA solutions.

RoHS compliant assemblies.

No minimum order quantities. You can count on us for prototypes as well as large production runs.

Optimal costs.

Our responsive reps and technical support team will make sure that you are taken care of the entire way. Feel free to reach out to us and rest assured that you will be offered with the best.


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