Mixed PCB Assembly?

The mixed technology PCB assembly has the properties of both PCB surface mount assembly and through-hole assembly, which is most commonly used in applications that require the combination of both through-hole and SMT assembly.

PCBANow is one of the most experienced and reliable manufacturers of mixed PCB assembly in China. We have the capability to manufacture PCBA circuit boards with single-sided, double-sided, as well as multilayer mixed technology.

Mixed PCB Assembly Capabilities

PCBANow provides you mixed PCB assemblies with the following capabilities and services:

Fully automated mixed PCB assembly

Quick turn prototypes, low to high volume production

Capable of densely populated PCBA boards

01005 SMDs & 0.25mm BGA

Laser sighting and automated flux dispensing

Selective wave soldering.

Multi-stage automatic aqueous cleaning

SPI/X-ray/AOI inspection and function test

Mixed PCB Assembly Proccesing



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