Mid-High Volume PC Board Assembly

The electronic companies in general schedule seasonal mid to high volume PCBA production for their main products or new product launch, for which the stable price and high reliability of PCBA boards are critical, they need a dependable partner who can take care of it well.

High volume PCB assembly requires high-level quality & after sales standards, a comprehensive production process and plenty of industry experience are the best choices but which is what many small-batch manufacturers lack.

In the past 15 years, more than 2000 enterprise customers chose PCBANow as the long-term high volume PCBA manufacturer, because we are fully equipped to offer printed circuit boards that meet their requirements. We accumulated rich industry manufacturing experience, despite the large volumes, each PCB goes through a rigorous testing process, ensuring that quality is never compromised. In addition, to high-volume PCBA manufacturing processes and capabilities, we also offer competitive pricing, as well as flexible shipment plans.

PCB Assembly Capabilities

We offer high volume PCB assembly with Surface Mount technology as well as through-hole selective soldering.

In the account of our use of jet solder paste printing, we offer quick turnaround times. Equipped with both hand solder and machine soldering capabilities. We fully analyze the BOM to ensure that all components are RoHS compliant for delivery.

Our robust testing methodologies include the following methods based on requirements:

●Automatic Optimal Inspection

●Solder Paste Inspection

●In-Circuit Testing

●Functional Circuit testing

●X-Ray inspection

In addition, our strong Design for Testing protocol works well for high volume PCBs. The fact that we offer a sample for large batch turnkey orders means that you can rest assured of the quality of the large batch. We are committed to working to decrease overall costs and turn-time without sacrificing the final quality of their orders.

PCBANow also offers PCBA design services, which is included in our one-stop solution, it improves efficiency and turnaround time and decreases cost.

Our Advantages

When it comes to batch PCB board assembly, you can trust PCBA Now. With over 15 years of experience, we bring a number of advantages to the table, which can finally turn into customers competitiveness.

Well-equipped facility

We have state-of-the-art machinery that allows us to assemble high-quality boards at quick turnaround times. Our setup is fully equipped to take care of your high-volume PCB board assembly requirements.

PCB quality assurance

With our DFMA and stringent quality inspections, customers can rest assured that they will get are high quality PCBs irrespective of the volumes. The circuit boards we assemble comply with the highest industry standards.

Cost-effective PCBA solutions

We have you fully covered when it comes to offering cost-effective prices. In fact, we take great pride in offering unbeatable prices when it comes to high-volume PCB assembly service.

PCB experts

The biggest advantage that we have is our team of experts which has the necessary technical know-how and a rich experience of industry best practices. What it means is that you can benefit from this rich knowledge base and ensure you do not have to reinvent the wheel.

Quick delivery

We offer quick turnaround times that significantly impact your go-to-market plans. In addition, our overall culture of customer centricity and responsiveness ensures that you get quick quotes and support.

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