PCB Assembly Files Needed

Some files are required for PCB assembly, please send them in the correct format to us by email:

PCB Gerber files, BOM, Pick and Place files, etc., also we accept sample to do PCB copy and BOM generation.

How to Get The Mentioned Documents?

BOM ( Bill Of Materials)

BOM is a list of parts used in producing completion products. It shows what parts are needed to construct the boards, and also where these parts should be placed and set up. We accept the BOM in the style of.xls, .xlsx or .csv.

Click to download a sample of BOM.


The Gerber in the format of RS-274X is used for PCB manufacture and PCB assembly. As a minimal demand, PCB assembler needs the files of three layers: Silkscreen, Copper (Trace) as well as Solder Paste. So please make sure that all these documents have been included and assessed on your side. Naturally, we will additionally evaluate your data prior to assembly starts to make sure all the details are total as well as accurate for assemblies.

How to generate Gerber file?

Pick and Place file

Pick and Place file, or centroid/XY data is the unique file for setting up utilized for rapidly programming the assembly equipment. Several of the CAD tools will automatically produce these documents and also some not, yet you may require to customize the data and then produce the Pick and Place file. The Centroid data explains the position as well as alignment of all the surface area place components, which includes the reference designator, X as well as Y placement, rotation and side of Board (Top or Bot). Just SMD components are provided in this file.

Click to download a sample of Pick and Place file.

In order for us to appropriately produce your assembled printed circuit cards, we strongly suggest you send out all various other pieces of information pertaining to the boards to us, which might include your assembly drawings, schematics, guidelines, and also images or pictures of the previous boards. These help us much better understand your assembly needs, correct some ambiguous and even mistaken positionings, as well as wind up with an excellent task.

For PCBA reverse engineering, please contact us to clarify your requirements.


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